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Why organic?
It’s better for you
It’s tastier
It’s better for the planet

Is Bareburger Organic?
Comprehensive list of ingredients:

Cheeses and Dairy
Vegetables and Fruits
Appetizers and Breads

Why organic?

It’s better for you
Eating pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics is a bad idea. Eating meat, fruits or vegetables that have ingested or been injected with all of these is the same thing. Organic meats, fruits and vegetables grow naturally, and because of that, the natural nutrients are present and plentiful. Eat organic. Your body will thank you.

It’s tastier
When an animal is raised in its natural environment, eating what it wants to eat, strolling where it wants to stroll, it’s going to be juicier and more flavorful. Same rule applies to organically grown fruits and vegetables: if they grow how they want to grow, and they tend to be juicier, sweeter and riper.

It’s better for the planet
Our tabletops are built from trees felled by storms and reclaimed wood. Our booths are made from recycled, post consumer vinyl. Our ceilings are paneled with reclaimed tin siding from deconstructed barns. Most of our takeout products are made with plant resin or recycled paper products, and all of them are biodegradable.

We are happy to support local food artisans like Little Green Foods, Blue Marble Ice Cream, Grillo’s Pickles, Blackwing Quality Meats, Rumiano Cheese and Maine Root Soda.

Is Bareburger Organic?

We strive to serve the cleanest organic and all-natural foods in our restaurants.

Here is a comprehensive list of our ingredients:

Beef: organic • grass-fed • 83% - 85% lean
Bison: organic • all-natural • grass-fed • 86% - 90% lean
Turkey: organic • cage-free • 90% lean
Chicken: all-natural • hormone-free • antibiotic-free cage-free
Elk: all-natural • pasture raised • hormone-free • antibiotic-free • 90% lean
Ostrich: all-natural • pasture raised • hormone-free • antibiotic-free • 95% lean
Lamb: all-natural • pasture raised • hormone-free • antibiotic-free • 80% lean
Wild Boar: all-natural • pasture raised • hormone-free • antibiotic-free • 75 - 80% lean
Veggie Burgers: made with organic • all-natural • local • vegetables • grains
Bacons | Brisket: organic • all-natural • hormone-free • nitrate free
Hot Dog: organic • uncured
Eggs: organic • cage-free chickens

Cheeses and Dairy
Colby | Sharp Cheddar | Pepperjack | Smoked Mozzarella: organic • NO GMO’s • made from grass-fed cows • rbgh-free (growth hormone)
Vegan Cheese: dairy free • soy free • gluten free • egg free • nut free
Wisconsin Amish Blue: all-natural • made from pasture raised cows • rbgh-free (growth hormone)
Goat Cheese: all-natural • made from pasture raised goats
Milk | Ice Cream: organic • made from grass-fed cows

Vegetables and Fruits
Tomatoes | Lettuces | Greens | Onions | Avocados | Cucumbers | Cabbages | Carrots | Mushrooms | Apples | Pears | Bananas: organic • pesticide free • herbicide free • ammonia free

*Our salad dressing are made with grapeseed oil.

Appetizers and Breads
Zucchini Sticks: organic zucchini • parmesan
Sweet Potato Croqs: organic sweet potatoes • sharp cheddar
Pickles: all-natural hand packed pickles
Sweet Potato Fries: all-natural East coast sweet potatoes
French Fries: all-natural Idaho Russets
Breads: all-natural ingredients • NO preservatives
Gluten Free Bun: tapioca rice flour • egg whites

*Our Crispy Appetizers are cooked in a NON-GMO Canola Oil

Made with all-natural • organic • local • NO high fructose corn syrup • fair-trade • chocolate • Vermont cream

Sodas: evaporated cane juice • organic spices • purified water
Lemonade: freshly squeezed lemon juice • organic cane sugar
Coffee | Teas: organic • fair-trade
Juices: organic

  • Jins Journey

    There’s more to Jin than just the jam. Owner of Jin’s Journey, Inc., freelance cooking instructor and health consultant, food blogger and private chef. Jin’s got it ALL going on. The jams and jellies began as gifts for her customers, but The People wanted more. We found her Brooklyn-based facility on our now-declared successful quest for the best jam in NYC. Jin plans to expand the jam and jelly business to a wider array of condiments, using fresh flavor combinations that you’ll want to share with your ‘buds.

  • Kelvin

    Zack and Alex met in 2006 at a Law Firm, where they both dreamed about slush. The first slush machine, kept in Alex’s apartment, provided practice batches of teas and fruit slushes. During the recession in 2009, Alex’s layoff provided opportunity. Kelvin Slush and Bareburger did the vendor-bonding thing at an October tasting event in Astoria, and the partnership was born. Kelvin Slush hopes to maintain street presence, as it is part of the brand, and expand presence in restaurants and bars with customizable slush.

  • Little Green Foods

    James is a Jersey boy, through and through. Gym. Jets. Fitted hats. He started Little Green Foods out of desperation, gave it his all, and it worked. James runs the company solo, grabbed a partnership with Bareburger through a simple, well-worded email, and hopes to very soon expand retail business nationwide.

  • Coolhaus

    Natasha, strutting her stuff in her high waisted pants and sunhat/sunglasses combo, snacking on sprouted almonds, is Los Angeles. And her company, Coolhaus, is, well, really freaking cool. Hiding architectural lessons within every ice cream cookie sandwich, Coolhaus was launched in 2009 at Coachella in a beat-up Craigslist van. Then, it went viral. The fit with Bareburger was like a glove—neighboring food trucks lead to a discovery of similar business philosophies, sample swaps, and eventual partnership. Coolhaus hopes to continue growth, holding on to it’s boutique and local attitude as it becomes national and international.